Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 10

Within the temple of Bel’Inana the party was faced with a creeping smoke that clouded the eyes and mind of everyone. By the time they had moved from the portal room to the primary chamber no one could see more than 10 feet in front of their face. By the time they had reached the pulpit and discovered the mercury dragon Shari Tir, since corrupted by the foliage that had consumed her, coiled around a miniature version of the obelisk, that distance was down to 5. And as the dwarf struck the stone the room came alive, the dragon leaping up into the darkness while on either side the sounds of bone on stone could be heard.

Out of the darkness they came, roughly monkey shaped creatures with no eyes, four tentacles rising along their back and the same oddly transparent skin of the lion beast they were ultimately trying to destroy. They threw themselves at the attackers, wrapping their limbs around their target before attempting to devour the brain of their victim. With the battle joined the dragon attacked as well, using its breath attack when able and focusing it’s physical attacks against Gomgrim Zekeif when not, especially as the group discovered that sunlight would melt the black stone structure within the temple, a type of attack only the dwarven cleric was able to perform.

Despite the grueling nature of the hit and run attacks, the party did eventually stand victorious. And with the odd crystal structure destroyed the group returned to the linked portal circle, heading to the temple of Kinis.

After wandering around a bit they were met by a pair of priests. Knowing that these intruders could not be where they were without the assistance of one of the other temples the priests quietly listened to the story the party had to tell, but much of what was being told to them they didn’t understand. Still, they knew Davith Bennin, knew he was a capable priest, and so trusted in the plan he had set forward for the group. Unfortunately, what they could offer was fairly limited. Beyond a closed door the party had attempted to enter before was a reliquary. There they could petition the goddess for safe passage both to and from the afterlife. After each of them in turn offered something up to Kinis they began to pray.



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