Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 1

They have been agents for some time now; maybe only a few months, maybe a few years. But each has lived under the eye of their patron and shown nothing but poise and promise. And when a great need arose a call went out to those capable of succeeding. They are not the greatest agents of the Insurrection, time was of the essence and only those relatively close by would be usable, but they are far from the inexperienced or the ungifted that will never be more than simple cogs in the machine. They are those of potential and with the endgame upon them it was beyond time they entered the crucible to be forged into champions.

On the coast of Wyenn, amidst the sea spray and the aroma of coffee and bread, they gathered, initiated into a cabal for the first time, their proximity allowing them a mental connection to each other in addition to their patron. There they were greeted by the Sun sisters, identical triplets of unknown capability other than a gift for reconnaissance and a role further within the fold of the Insurrection than any of them: Sunassa, quiet and efficient; Sunedea, outgoing and friendly; and Sunishra, aggressive and direct.

Unfortunately, before all of the agents could be gathered time ran out. As they left the cozy confines of the cafe below the setting sun ‘Ishra filled them in on their objectives. Recently the Insurrection lost something of theirs, an artifact of some significance stolen by the chromatic dragons. For a time it was held in Wyenn; Skeldissa, the purple dragon who recovered it, attempting to unlock its secrets. But everyone knew it would only be a matter of time before those of greater power learned of its existence and ordered its removal from the city. That time had come. A small fleet of ships about to set sail from a private island would take the cargo out beyond the edge of the city, beyond the eyes of mortals, where the dragons would then take flight, escorting their prize to a stronghold the Insurrection would not be able to breach without revealing too much of their intentions and their power. Such an outcome was unacceptable.

The chromatics were taking no chances. A caravel serving as the primary vessel was encircled by three cutters, implying that the target was aboard the larger ship in the center, likely within the hold. And as the group soon discovered, white dragons acted as escorts below the waves. Though the first dragon they came upon was successfully spotted by Gomgrim Zekeif and avoided, they were not as lucky with the next, the creature already charging as it was first seen. The arrival of a second dragon mid fight did little to change the outcome though, both bodies left for the sharks to clear away. And though the damage done to the party was hardly insignificant, it paled in comparison to the ground lost to the fleeing ships, forcing them to advance without taking the time to prepare for the next encounter.

Upon catching up the group was greeted with poor news. It would seem that the fight in the waters had altered the envoy, prompting them to erect some kind of barrier, centered on the cutters and overlapping the caravel. The sisters also reported that the smaller ships had bunched up along the bow of the larger craft, creating a dangerous zone of overlapping fire that would make taking any of the boats difficult. Still, there was little choice in the matter, most of the cabal boarding the port cutter as Mira attempted to take out the rudder.

Now they fight, a black dragon aboard the small ship serving as the primary challenge (though discounting the spears or the crossbows of the mortal sailors would be a dangerous move). Nearby another cutter has remained close, the men aboard having opened fire on the invaders. The captain of the small vessel has not entered the engagement though, instead taunting the black dragon as it fights for its life. It’s unclear how long that will remain the case though. The third cutter, initially far to starboard and well out of the engagement area, has finally moved into position, its own crossbowmen now able to affect the battle as well. But they do so without their captain, the man having dove into the water almost immediately as they came under attack, his form becoming that of a white dragon before disappearing into the depths.



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