Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: The Lost Chapters

Chedi’s Jewel is a group of performers that travel all over central Corus. It’s also the front for an organization that specializes in… recovery. Run by Ashley Eversong this secret team accepts jobs from well to do clients who either need or wish to move small items of value. Staffed mostly by the new breed of genasi this group is very good at what it does. And after a particularly successful run they take on an unusual job in Cajra…

Wedding Reception

Vault of the Dracolich

Tunnels of the Underdark

Visions of the Dracolich

Secrets of Durzak

:: Important Names
Ashley Eversong – Coordinator for the secret courier elements of Chedi’s Jewel, royal.
Claire – Silent bodyguard of Ashley.
Jodan – Public boss of Chedi’s Jewel.
Mynas Valen – Minor noble of Cajra, relation of Ashley.
Azten Erlagg – Expedition commander for the Durzak defense patrols.
Ovrim Ogirn – Durzak magister.
Dolos Darhak – Watch captain of the Warrens of Durzak.
“Luna” – Gold dragon of Durzak. Calls herself Gimin Orkrak when disguised as a dwarf.
Ltus – Illithid ally of the Closed Eye.
Salubra – “Harbinger” of the Closed Eye.



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