Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: Hunted

This place, what they call the Near Astral, can be a very dangerous place. Despite the rain of mana and the great wounds in the earth, it is still very easy to think of this place as having the same rules as the prime world. Yet, here, the gods walk the land, as do the things that hunt them…

Crossing the first gap proved to be a little tricky. Spanning 60 feet at its shortest point, the party had to work out a means of getting across with stretches of rope only 50 feet long. To make matter worse, the only suitable anchor points on either side were a good 30 feet from the edge. With so many things that could go wrong, something likely would. But, despite some issues, the group was able to reach the other side using a number of tricks normally not taken advantage of outside of combat.

The next gap called for a different approach. Though not as wide, the party had had enough of their faux engineering attempts and decided they were far enough from Cajra for a ritual. So, while the arcanists began summoning a bridge of shadows the rest of the party turned their eyes to the east, looking for anything that might be attracted to their activities.

What arrived was not what they expected. Instead of being attacked by a phalanx of angels, they were assaulted by a single large metallic cat, a steel predator. The large creature was in a rush to reach its prey before they escaped, but luckily arrive 20 seconds too late. Setting up a wall on the far end of the bridge the party endured the initial assault before banishing the bridge and dropping the creature to the flowing ether 300 feet below.

After taking a much needed rest the group was able to summon flying phantom steeds from the safety of the cave. Greatly increasing their mobility they were able to put so much distance between themselves and Cajra that they could finally drop their guard a bit. Though, it almost cost them their lives.

The steel predator caught up with them on the sixth night, banishing a number of the phantom steeds before ambushing the party directly. Severely pressed and without an easy means of escape the group did what they could to combat the attacker, ultimately prevailing.

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