Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: Epilogue (Afterlife)

Jerico and Mynas stood alone in the radiant void, but not for long. In an empty world they couldn’t explain how the figure reached them without their noticing, but that didn’t change the fact that he was only a handful of steps from them when their eyes settled upon him.

The steward of Eltan looked the same as he did when they last saw him in the city in the swamp. Except now, instead of the stern and unwavering expression he wore before the corners of his lips were now slightly upturned, as if he was holding back a laugh. He came to a stop before them and turned his eyes to the soul reservoir above them…

“This thing has been at the heart of the afterlife for as long as the afterlife has existed. Yet, now, thousands of years later it changes everything. We cannot go back to the way things were, but at the same time we cannot change the rules. Mortals cannot know of the threat that lies here. The impact of their collective imaginations could be disastrous.”

Returning his eyes to Jerico he quickly gets to the point. “As I said to you before, you exist outside of the rules. That which binds us has no hold on you. And so I must ask, would you be willing to accept the burden of protecting this place? Keeping it from those that would strive to use it for unspeakable ends? You would not be alone, there are… loopholes I can use to provide you with some help, additional departed who desire the same thing in death as I do now. But you would be unique and your existence would be far from the one you once knew.”

Giving the swordmage a moment to contemplate his choice the steward locked his gaze on Minas. “For you I have another request. Your soul contains a touch of chaos that can never be satisfied here in the afterlife. There is nothing for you in this existence built to remain as static as possible. And so I would have you pursue the nameless shaman. There are some souls that one would be advised to not consume, and a construct of Chedi is one of them. He now wanders the infinite afterlives, warring with himself. If he can come to terms with who and what he is now he could be a valuable ally. That is, if the conflict doesn’t cause him to implode before then. Would you follow him? There will come a time when he will need your aid if he is to survive this. And you, with a touch of chaos in your soul is the closest to a kindred spirit one can come to with someone with a touch of Chedi in their soul.”

Taking both of the heroes in with his gaze the steward waiting for their responses. One thing was certain; the afterlife would never be the same.


Interesting, your comment on the chaos within the character… I found a level 16 PBP game that I may take Mynas Kyr into, so I wrote this to explain how his story could reconnect with the mortal world:

An offer was made to Kyr and Jerico; they could re-choose their eternal path and find an afterlife fitting of their new understanding, or return to the world of the living, a chance to finish their lives. Jerico was glad to have done such an act of good and was ready to retire. He accepted his death and remained in a peaceful afterlife. This was why he did not pursue his mortal body with the others. Kyr realized how he had wasted his life, and wished to live again, a chance to undo his mistakes, and aid others in avoiding the condemnation he had suffered in the afterlife.

But returned to the mortal world, Kyr found himself torn in many directions. He still felt the draw of the artifact he had once held, and the desire to hold that power. He also longed to find his family, and the two daughters of Foreni. He wished to do good deeds for strangers, and he wished to turn his life toward a path of religion. He wished to teach others, and he wished wield the might to stop injustices. So torn was he, that his new life became one that blew him about, like a gentle leaf, unable to resist the slightest wind.


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