Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice I :: Session 22

After determining that the tower was clear the party decided to try to pinpoint the location of the great magical evil by examining the aura. After a few moments they were able to determine the general area of the city where the aura must be sourced. So, after resting the night they headed out.

What they found was a huge, elaborate temple dedicated to the gods. Here the aura was too powerful for them to track effectively, so they started searching the location in a more traditional fashion. What they found was an unusual trio of ghostly creatures that attacked the party. A small bit of William’s essence was drained away by these creatures, but beyond that they had little trouble dispatching them.

Frustrated by the lack of progress Roland started yelling at the evil, trying to bait it into coming out. And though the effort appeared fruitless, when the group tried to leave and discovered an army of ashen dwarves waiting for them they found that that was not the case. Behind them the statue of Ashin had animated. And after exchanging a few words with the party it attacked. Defeating the statue was by no means easy, but it was not the true threat that awaited them. As the statue broke apart the party was faced with a creature of black fire, a creature with a striking similarity to the being summoned by Alysa so many months ago. Eventually the creature was defeated.

That would not be the end of it though. Though the magical aura appeared to be gone, the water sample from the caves still contained the traces of trapped souls, proving that whatever it was was not yet defeated. Believing that the lair was still underground the group rested, regrouped and returned to the drainage system under the city. From there they were able to find a mausoleum that appeared to be under the temple. With the general area identified it was only a matter of time before they were able to find the secret entrance that lead back into the creature’s lair.

The lair itself appeared to be a temple of some kind, stone dwarves bowed in supplication before a ziggurat. Resting atop the ziggurat the creature taunted the party once more before consuming the stone worshipers and infusing itself with power. But this fight ended much the same as the other one. Except, this time, as the creature’s essence faded away so did the souls trapped within the water. It was finally over.

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