Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice I :: Session 21

The threat from the spiders cleared the party retreated to the ore and gems warehouse. From there Cross took Gargolax and Anthony back to Uresian to have the poison cleared from their system. Once they were better and the party had another bag of holding in their possession they returned to the dwarven ruins. Rested and revived the group set out for the second building of interest they saw during their partial tour.

This building was sealed up tighter than the warehouse, forcing Gargolax to begin pounding on it with the Maul of the Titans. Unfortunately the sound was enough to draw the attention of several ashen dwarves. The creatures were not difficult to dispatch though. And once the way was clear the demolition continued.

Once inside they found dwarven remains and another locked door. Unfortunately this one has magical safe guards, and though William was able to pick the locks he had few choices against the prismatic wall beyond the door. Without any options they decided to leave only to find that the moment one of them stepped onto the ash a small army of ashen dwarves appeared. Aust made a valiant charge, but without any support he was all but torn apart. Cross managed to get him back to the relative safety of the entrance way and Anthony’s greater turning dispersed many of them. But, unwilling to walk out on the ash Cross created a rope trick and the party rested for the night there.

The next morning the door was sealed and the group decided to set out for the central tower. Unfortunately, they were once again attacked when they stepped onto the sand. This time they were a bit better prepared, killing a few of them before dispersing the rest with a turning. Clear of the threat they ran for the canal. Once out of the ash they healed up and continued on their way.

The tower was much as they had left it, and after clearing more of the webbing they found a service entrance to what amounted to some kind of sewer system. The party entered the area and walked it for close to 4 miles before turning back. All they found were mausoleums, roughly 40 of them. Returning to the tower they decided to go up instead of down.

Near the top they were attacked by even more spiders, three of the large burning variety. And though the surprise attack was potent, they quickly turned the tide, forcing them to retreat and then killing them as they fled.

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