Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice I :: Session 19

There was little to be done after recuperating from the troll attack but push further down. Immediately below the troll ruins was an empty cavern with something unusual about it; a thin layer of ash covered the ground. As Roland lowered himself down the ash began to swirl, much like the necromantic water. As a hand reached out of the ash Roland retreated. But as he retreated the ash settled once again.

The second venture down was a bit more sure. As Roland’s feet touched the ash not one but three separate entities began to form. The creatures were vaguely dwarf sized and shaped, carrying ambiguous weapons. But, as Roland found out when the weapon struck his armor and disintegrated, the creatures lacked the force behind their threatening appearance. A few magical bolts from Cross and the creatures had been all but destroyed, vanishing from whence they came.

Only a short distance further on the party came upon a stone wall and door. Sealed from within by several bars the party was forced to rely on magic to open the portal. Beyond was a corridor more than 100 feet long that prevented more than single file travel and contained a generous helping of murder holes. William could find no traps, and within a few moments the party was on the other side.

As the cavern turned and opened up the group took in a magnificent sight. Stretched out beneath them was a huge dwarven city. A ring waterfall fell around a tower that sat at the center of a hub of canals. The water itself glistened with a light of its own, casting the whole cavern in a faint flickering star light. Yet, as the group descended into city one feature caused them to pause. The floor of the city was covered with almost a foot of ash…

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