Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice I :: Session 15

Stranded in the middle of the ocean, the party was never the less able to build a makeshift sail using flotsam from the ship and some of the extra clothing carried by those present. A means of propulsion created the party headed Southwest, towards Oedion. Though the city of Zophan was closer, the prevailing winds and currents would make it easier to reach the mainland. And given that Anthony was able to provide food and water as well as protection from the elements the group deciding to try the surer bet even though it would take longer.

The first challenge encountered was a massive storm that swept over them. At Gargolax’s recommendation they flipped the two dinghies and rode out the storm under the relative protection provided. Once past they found themselves blown dramatically off course, but they had survived the ordeal.

The second challenge came in the form of a shark attack. Smaller creatures had been shadowing them for days before a pair of much larger sharks caught up. The sharks brutally attacked one of the dinghies, knocking several of the sailors into the sea as well as Anthony. Efforts to pull Anthony from the water were less than successful, and when one of the sailors was pulled under Galros jumping in to defend the priest. Joined by William a few moments later, the pair managed to kill one of the huge sharks while Bean levitated the priest out of the water. Galros was injured during the rescue, forcing him to fight off yet another shark while Aust discouraged another. Eventually everyone was pulled back into the boat and Bean used the Bowl of Water Elemental Commanding to move the boats away from the frenzy.

The final challenge was an attack from an unknown creature. It first made its presence known when it used some kind of song or call to charm several members of the group into the water. Luckily, Roland had the means necessary to cancel the song, and within seconds everyone was back to normal. But, the danger had not passed and one by one sailors were being pulled under and devoured by whatever rested beneath them. Once again Galros leapt into the water to kill the beast, and with the help of the Water Elemental they were able to defeat it, but not before all but one of the sailors were killed. Yet, it was not all bad news as the creature released several magical items as it dissipated, items whose previous owners were not as lucky as this group had been.

Frustrated by their continued trials Bean decided to use the bowl much more often to get them back to land. The decision sped up their journey dramatically, and within two days they were back on shore. Three days of followed the shore lead them to Oedion and safety. After giving the one surviving sailor enough money to put his life back together the group purchase fine quality horses and headed off towards Jedyn, not terribly interested in finishing their trip over sea. Ten days later they arrived.

Things seemed to go much better for the party once in Jedyn. The guards were responsive and lead them to a temporary apartment as they waited for a chance to speak with the leaders of the city. They didn’t have to wait long before a messenger arrived to convey their documents to the guild masters. And from there it was only a few hours until they were told that they would be required to speak before the council in the morning.

Using the benefits granted to an official diplomatic party the group enjoyed their night. Galros began the process necessary to peddle the magical ring he had kept hidden from the others while Roland, Gargolax, Aust and William discovered that a whole section of the city was dedicated to recreation and entertainment. And not only that, the entertainment guild was run by House Asuras. But, that would be something to explore another time. The group enjoyed a bit of relaxation, their first in almost 5 weeks, and then returned to their rooms.

Their appointment with the Guild Masters did not go as well though. The spokesman for the council has several questions for the group, many of which they could not answer to his satisfaction. He was afraid that duplicity was at work here, and that a commitment of the forces used to defend Jedyn would leave his own home open to attack, the true intention of the Chelikt. After all, everyone wanted to control the adamantium mines. As a last ditch effort the party spoke of their protection of the Jedyn ambassador. And though that earned them the favor of one of the guilds, it did not sway the decision of the council. But, with their message delivered their duties were done, and they returned to their apartment.

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