Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice I :: Session 0

Thellic, one of the 5 seats of the Evyn Confederacy, has fallen and northern Corus is gripped in war. Even now the invaders push beyond the Hammer Mountains and threaten the lands beyond. Theis Istar, the prince of the city fights to regain his birthright while his father marshals the dogs of war. But, even as the voice of a nation cries out against the foreign invaders, politics threaten to bring the war to a halt. Now the fall of Thellic could become permanent. Unwilling to accept this fate Prince Istar has called upon the mercenaries of Corus to rise up and retake his home. For their efforts they will be given title, land and income. As the young prince had hoped the swords have come en masse.

One such company to head the call is the Flame Ascendant, mercenaries who follow the enigmatic lady Alysa. Mystery and awe surround her powers, and she has used both of those traits to good use. Now she commands a loyal and capable company who make up for in skill what they lack in numbers. If anyone can take one of the satellites of Thellic it is Alysa.

The company’s arrival on the northern peninsula was simple enough, though time consuming. But, as they waited they learned more about their enemies. They were not the first mercenary company to arrive and they were sure to not be the last. Yet, despite the influx of armed visitors the invaders were still expanding. No longer confined to the Hammer Mountains the Chelikt soldiers had been seen within the Echo Woods and upon the Sea of Grass. Though they had yet to strike beyond the mountains, it was clear that they would move again soon.

For a day and a half the company traveled the Steam River, riding in some gnomish contraption. But, once they arrived in Sajn they were confronted with the familiar sights of a busy port city. There was no title to be gained within the city though, so as Alysa spoke with the Prince-in-Exile the rest of the Flame Ascendant moved to the outskirts of town. They didn’t have to wait long for their leader though, and within hours of coming ashore Le’un and his scouts started towards their target.

Two days behind the scouts, the ‘specialists’ were left to consider the plan. What Alysa had proposed was simple. The previous lord of this area had built himself an escape tunnel should something ever go awry. And while Prince Istar was aware of this tunnel, the occupying army of Chelikt was not. This presented the perfect opportunity for Alysa to loose Hell within the keep long before she committed her soldiers to the walls. The exact details were up to those conducting the early morning raid. But, as long as the alarm was not sounded and the army’s commander dead at dawn she would be satisfied. And with Le’un opening the gate before the attack it should be a simple matter to take the keep. Of course, things like this rarely go as planned…

:: Important Names

Alysa – Fire Caster and leader of the Flame Ascendant
Kalen – Urban Recon Expert
Le’un – Wilderness Recon Expert
Gratha – Sun Druid
Venn – Barbarian
Theis Istar – Son of the ruler of Thellic, “Prince-in-Exile”
Evanis Vacar – Representative of Theis attached to Flame Ascendant



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